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About the forum!

Post by Admin on Wed Jan 28, 2015 2:30 pm

Hello ladies and gentlemen, this is the Shear Terror forum. I made this forum for the sole purpose of taking two things I enjoy (Evolve and Roleplaying) and mashing them together for what I hope to be an interesting experience. I'm new to building forums so it's kind of sloppy but I hope to get that fixed as it grows. Now I know most of you may not be into the whole text based roleplay aspect of this but that's okay to because this forum is also for those gamers out there who want to build a team or who are just looking for someone to play this exciting game with. So please do enjoy the forum, give some helpful suggestions and hell you may even be admin or modded so you can lend a helping hand to the noob who made this thing, I really do hope to see this succeed so enjoy and happy hunting.


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